Consulting programs

Programs do not include parcel shipments, trips, telephone calls, etc. In case of incurring any of them, they will be billed separately. 


$250.00 dollars per hour 


Basic evaluation program

Includes up to 8 hours of consulting paid in advance:
verification, evaluation, selection and re-selection
It has a cost of $1,500 dollars


Business consulting
Includes up to 16 hours of paid consulting.
It has a cost of $2,500 dollars


Consulting in your city 
Includes up to 3 days in your city and two days of travel.

It has a cost of $5,750 dollars plus a deposit of $2,500 for transportation, hotel and travel expenses (if you are outside the United States, this deposit will reflect the cost of transportation and accommodation for the agreed dates). At the end of the session, the expenses will be documented and if there is a balance in your favor, you will be immediately credited.