About us

Investing in a business is a big decision.
Undoubtedly, you want to make sure you are relying on help from a trustworthy and highly professional source. Here you can learn more about Franchise Network Group, also known as Franchise Network, and our company, Franchise Network International, which is a member of the Franchise Network group

Franchise Network International is the world’s largest network of franchise consultants. Each of its 90 offices worldwide is individually owned and operated. Franchise Network International is one of such offices.

Franchise Network International has the rights to operate in Latin America, from Franchise Network 15 years ago. During this time we have helped franchisees and franchisors in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Venezuela and Mexico.

Franchise Network International provides a broad array of services that include:

  1. Acquiring a franchise in the United States or Canada: In the United States and Canada, we help you get the franchise that best fits your needs and entrepreneurial profile.

  2. Bringing a franchise to Mexico: We help you get a franchise in the USA and Canada to be developed and operated in Mexico.

  3. Converting your current business into a franchise and expand your systems in the United States, Mexico and Canada: If you currently have a business, we will help you turn it into a franchise according to the ordinances, regulations and legal requirements from Mexico, United States and Canada;

  4. Generating more profit, reducing risks and effort: If what you are looking for is a business where the risks of starting a business are minimal, it is a franchise. We help you locate it, research it, buy it and make it grow

Franchise Network International consultant is an independent consultant who maintains his/her individually owned business. Many of the consultants who are part of the Franchise Network Group have broad experience in the Franchise industry. Within our group we have past or present franchisers, franchise executives, franchisees, regional and area developers, and other business professionals.

We believe that you should use a Franchise Network International Consultant because it allows you to get a series of choices, and services all in one place.

We can help introduce you to many different franchisers, so rather than going from a place to learn about specific businesses, you can learn the basics about several businesses!

Perhaps, most importantly, Franchise Network International consultants have no special reason for wanting you to buy one business as opposed to another. As such, we can give you advice that you can use and apply to each and every business that you may be considering.

We help you create a personal business model that includes not just those things that you are looking for in a business, but also how they will be factored into your life, and your lifestyle.

This means that when you start to research different franchises, you will have uniform criteria against which to measure each business opportunity.

Franchise Network International consultants get paid by the franchisor, if and when you decide to buy the franchise. They are paid a portion of the fees you would pay anyway, irrespective of whether you go to the franchisor directly, or are introduced to them by us.

Since we get paid a portion of the franchise fee, and since most franchise fees fall within a very narrow range, we have no reason to suggest that you buy a more expensive franchise, or any franchise in particular!

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